The Power Games #TISF #elections2015

TISF has never been so hot and elections have never been so dirty. The games, accusations, politics and complains heard this year cannot ever be complied in this article.

However, what I will post about is the panels. The AHs’, the ASLs’ and the A. T say this year’s elections have brought forth the baddest, dirtiest politician from each TIPian is a major understatement.

The vote count has never been so unpredictable. Since last week the voters are changing sides and I know that the votes are never truly revealed but even the truest voters or as they say Pakke votes are not so pakke anymore. Why is this you ask! This is because each day this week has been a revolution. Each day has played havoc with the brains of the panel members.

Who is competing.,,, The AH. The ASL and The A.

The AH
AH is Asad Aftab of 2nd year and Humaid Khalid of 3rd year. The panel popularity increased in spades due to Asad and his vast support from the 1st years. At the same time Humaid is proving stronger day by day with votes from the hostel as well as the TS.

Their motive is quite simple to promote TIP and, God knows, TIP needs promotion. Asad says for him its more than events, he wants to open TIP to corporate or other kinds of student exposure. As a member of AISEC he undoubtedly holds the potential to do so. He wants these organizations to benefit us and market TIP through them. His words, “Sponsors won’t be an issue and accountability will be a priority”

The AH has garnered support rapidly, the campaign has so far been successful.

Arsalan Alam of 3rd year, Sheryar Shareef of 2rd year and Umer Lodhi of 3rd year are all set to go for elections. Their panel was the strongest before others came in and showed their cards. ASL as vast support from the 2nd year, half of 3rd and a little of 4th, ASL support has been a subject to change since day 1.

ASL motive is not so simple what they want is not just publicity of TIP but for the student body to hold hands again. They want unity. They want the TISF body to be strong such that student have the say in matters which relates them. Along with it they want the Texperts back, back in such a way that they can help the students in future. They want to revive TIAF. What ASL in short wants is the rebirth of the true TISF. The no hold barrels TISF. Their aim is noteworthy, along with the fact that what we need most now is unity.

The A

Last but never the least Aaminah Shahzad of 3rd year better known for Paintoos. Aaminah came with a force we never thought she will where other panels are still trying to get votes Aaminah have saved hers.

Aaminah Shahzad motive is nourishing TIP. She has designed events, executed them and is very strong on the basis of events. Her aim is to promote something big for TIP. Not just events but to have platform where they can encourage talent.

Aaminah is standing alone for the post of the President.







All in all this year election has been the highlight of the whole semester. After the elections I will convey the politics that was played along with the results.