The sCaRiEsT night coming up…

By Shoaib Wahab, TMM3

There’s a goblin at my window,
A monster by my door.
The pumpkin at my table
keeps on smiling more and more.
There’s a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
A witch whose face is green.
They used to be my family,
till they dressed for Halloween.

History of Halloween…. Like any other festival’s history is inspired through traditions that have transpired through ages from one generation to another. We follow them mostly as did our dads and grandpas. And as this process goes on, much of their originality get distorted with newer additions and alterations. It happens so gradually, spanning over so many ages, that we hardly come to know about these distortions. At one point of time it leaves us puzzled, with its multicolored faces. Yet, doubts still lurk deep into us, especially when the reality differs from what has taken a deep seated root into our beliefs. ‘Trick or treat’ may be an innocent fun to relish on the Halloween Day. But just think about a bunch of frightening fantasies and the scary stories featuring ghosts, witches, monsters, evils, elves and animal sacrifices associated with it. They are no more innocent. Are these stories a myth or there is a blend of some reality? Come and plunge into the Halloween Carnival to unfurl yourself the age-old veil of mysticism draped around it.

What do you think about Halloween? Do you feel it is plain hogwash or do you think there is some truth about it? Or do you see it as pure fun? Know the history of Halloween. Know how it all started, how the modern Halloween celebrations came into existence. You will be fascinated, surely. On the big day, impress everybody with your new-found knowledge; show them by dressing up on the occasion because it is all coming up here in TIP…..

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6 Replies to “The sCaRiEsT night coming up…”

  1. shoaib wahab u rote it quite well

    as far as my knowlegde is concerned our gradparents and parents never did ne thin like that..

    this is newly born event here in pakistan and soo called burgerssssss introduced it here and now we r doing it as a Christian do in this event…

    we have our own things to be set as a theme other than that…

  2. ????…. So… Then… I don’t understand whats the msg that you wanna convey. You should read it again and then comment.

  3. Think rationally,we are using western technology, we listen to western music, we are getting western education so what if we celebrate their events??? why there is always one edge of sword???? If so concerned about traditions why don’t go back to time and start life in cafes as our ancestors used to do so.

  4. Sorry for u affan… this wont work here try it out with your facebook status where ppl like u might like it…

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