The Wait is Over- Freshmen 2K15

This article is a submission from Rifza Faheem. This article gives a clear front view to those who weren’t there. 

Finally the wait was over for freshmen and they received an official welcome party “Freshmen Gala 2K15!!!!”

First of all, cheers for the TISF who tried to make this event a memorable one for the new comers. There was a lot of hard work involved that could be seen in their arrangements (except for there were few mishaps). They made the environment a pleasing one. Everything they planned in a very organized manner.

And the gala started, but unfortunately the “Maili Awaam” that we have at TIP remains “constant”. The people who are rarely seen speaking even a single word were seen most concerned in ruining the whole environment. Many freshies backed out at the eleventh hour. When asked by one of the participant, she said, “This kind of attitude from seniors was not expected, so I decided to perform, but I backed out when I saw how they are treating their juniors who are daring do be there on stage just to entertain them.” Another one said, “This was the worst event of my life” followed by her group of friends having somewhat similar ideas. Yet I received some positive reviews as well, from very few juniors. Girl stated, “It was a good event, I enjoyed it “

Well, the hoots and howls are no new thing that we see at TIP but this time they reached the next level. Audience crossed all the limits and was even seen being really discourteous to the host on stage. They didn’t even realize that it was the girl there and being gentlemen they are obliged respect  women. But wait what? I mentioned gentlemen that probably are only few  that we see at TIP. Personal catharsis shouldn’t be done by disrespecting a girl before you.

Now coming to what was going on the stage, the performances didn’t take off well. But I must say, those who performed were confident enough to finish off their performances. Hats off to them!!

When asked by a performer after the gala, she said, “I didn’t like the event but I enjoyed singing because audience were listening to me quietly and my voice was clear enough unlike others.” Other one said, “My voice wasn’t clear though but I enjoyed performing.” The hoots from the audience made her voice inaudible but who needed to listen to her when her grooves were just enough to entertain ( Hehehe ). The dancing group too enjoyed showing off their thumkaas.  Another performer said, “I was singing for the seniors, to entertain them, but I don’t understand why they don’t listen to us”

After the performances a video was played about the elections of 2K15. That was totally, like totally pointless. “It’s none of our concern what happened at elections”, is the statement of a first year guy. And seriously what was the point of playing that video in the middle of a gala that wasn’t going so well already. Then in the end  titles were given, few of them were so not right. Especially mentioning one, “Best discipline” which was given to TS. I  mean why? Since when did they start deciding the best discipline and on what basis? Why discrimination? A second year girl stated, “Seemed like the main focus was on Hostelites and TS people, the event seemed to be dedicated to them. And I was having this feeling that hostelites and TS people will be ruling now”

Even the good reviews that I received from the freshies either belonged to TS or hostel or both.
Anyway the event could have been better if the audience would have behaved well and TISF would have just left out the irrelevant and pointless things. Looking forward to better events in the future that would surely cheer up our freshies.