TIFF anyone?

Election fever’s again at its climax. But this year I’m going to write about something different from what people have been posting in the past few years. Something that has to do with our ignorance.

I always thought that the TISF was a bunch of jesters elected to put up a show in front of the students. You know, organize a couple of picnics. Maybe a concert and of course do an annual dinner. Giving them leverage, I guess that they were only living up to people’s expectations.

It so turns out that I’ve been wrong about the TISF all along, though not completely. I now see them as a bunch of crooked jesters, gagged and tied to the back of a chair as they struggle to entertain the student body.

I say this because of what I’ve seen happening with the forum over the past four years. The students are no longer the voice of the forum. Rather it’s being run off self made rules by a bunch of people.

Are you aware that the rules which are governing the TISF elections can not be made or changed by the people who claim that they’ve made them? Do you know that the current president says that the original papers of the TISF have disappeared and I’ve been told that it was the president of the TISF himself who last took the file? Do you know that the seat for sports secretary can not be abolished?

In the past four years that I have seen that the TISF’s rules have been altered at convenience to suit the managers’ will. I remember that Adnan Dohadwala was not allowed to compete in the elections by ruling students from the Textile Science department ineligible for the post of Finance. The same games have been played with you people and in spite of the fact that you think that you’ve found a way around them you haven’t. Because in reality you’ve just submit to the authorities and let them chain you and gag you and firmly clasp the reigns in their hands.

With just three posts left in our hands there’s no guessing what will come in future. Do we really need a president, a general secretary and a treasurer to organize a bunch of money blazers for us?

From where I see it, no matter how many good candidates we have. No matter what vision they may have in their minds. No matter how smart they are, the TISF has lost its true meaning and purpose as a student forum.

The idea of this article is not to instigate people against the TISF but to get us to realize our rights as the stake holders of the TISF. I mean no harm to any candidate’s campaign and will therefore not write anything that may trigger a loss of votes for anyone.

However, at this point I do declare that in spite of the fact I love you all, I am not going to vote you or anyone else into the corruption that prevails in the non existent system known as the TISF.

Think about it.

Happy resurrecting!

11 Replies to “TIFF anyone?”

  1. from what i heard… the publications dude or dudette will be faculty nominated… and hardly anybody worthwhile from the student body has shown interest…
    … but then i hardly go to college these days… so i wouldnt really know much…

  2. Yes, there’s no more a publications secretary.

    There will be a senior editor who will be selected by the faculty from interested students.

  3. And you have no idea how many interested students are out there. Huge numbers! Big queues! Desperately wanting the throne!

  4. Also I can’t believe how spineless the last TISF has proved to be! Not a single one of them stood up to clarify themselves after being accused of doing a disappearing act with the only existing copy of the TISF constitution.

  5. I doubt if all of them are aware of what their team mates are doing, or supposed to be doing.

    There’s no integrity amongst them. Under such circumstances, you can’t and shouldn’t expect them to clarify things on each other’s behalf.

  6. coming back to this senior editor who will be lected by the faculty… so whos going to be the editor in cheif…?
    someone from the faculty?… faculty ke paas to chuttiyon mein bhi article likne ka time nahi hota to magazine ke article kahan se edit karenge…:D

  7. There were no interested candidates. No deadlines. No dates put up.

    Just a few random people were told on the election day that interviews will be held in 2-3 days.

    Hence, no one so far.

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