TIMF now offers its latest brand new “MUSIC MASALA”!

Bryan Adams: sona hay TIMF ney PLAY TV battle of the bands meh perform kiya hay or woh bhi Furqan key saath?
shanker: ummnn han.
Bryan Adams: ham dono key sath bohat bora howa hay.. chalo music societ ka boycott karain!!
shanker: kyon?
bryan Adams: yar sarim Neh hum dono ko battle of the bands key vocalist key liye select nahi kiya.

Mr Adams, this is TIMF , not TISF. the name resembles but there is no room for dirty politics here.
and yeah…. a boycott sounds good 🙂

11 Replies to “TIMF now offers its latest brand new “MUSIC MASALA”!”

  1. dude..this isnt difficult to understand at all…we just need to believe that a better or positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary..n thats wat music teaches us..
    and as for the irrelevent picture here..its relevent to “Hope” (engraving by Sebald Beham, German c1540)

  2. Well Mr Adams thats very wise..thats a nice way of supporting the music scene here..[* rolles eyes sarcasticaly *]

  3. hahahaha !! great job sarim .. and i think he is right ..even if anyone has problems with me and sarim you are always welcome to go to Mr ali hafeez to discuss it .. we wont mind it at all .. 🙂

    and about the katana of Mr adams and shakar is concerne, it was the whole bands decision so please mind it !!


  4. hahhah now people with cheap political mind have problem with sarim and waqas, ppl who i think is one of the goody peoople around in tip this was one thing which i wasnt at all expecting but yes i forgot its tip anything can be expected.

    who knows wht is going to happen kher god save us from being haunted by people with small spectrum of thought

    anyways sarim nice job dude keep it up though i would still say that you are being nice next time try to be a little sarcastic please rather than resorting to circumlocution in terms of getting your idea across.

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