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A recent workshop conducted by the School of Dramatic Arts of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology underlined the need for student dramatics. TIP does have a Drama Club (Society?) that was largely established on student initiative and has had a number of successes. These include winning a Dramatics Competition at IBA in 2004, performing the original “70s Ka Hit Formula” at the LUMS Olympiad in 2006, and even organizes regular Drama Festivals. The Drama Club could do a lot better with increased support from the administration, and possibly a supervisory structure.

Need for student drama clubs stressed

KARACHI, Aug 27: A drama expert in dramatic art on Monday told a group of students of the Mass Communication Department of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology that theatre was the basic communication means for human beings.

Dr S.N.M. Shahzad, Director of the School of Dramatic Arts, told a workshop, conducted by the department for its students of performing art communication, that “theatrical communication has its history as old as human intelligence.” Our ancestors would communicate with one another through this means well before the emergence of a spoken language, he said.

Dr Shahzad observed that in Pakistan, this great source of communication was left unattended and almost abandoned by the government and society despite the fact that the country’s founding father had great fondness for it.

“The Quaid-i-Azam was a member of a dramatic society in London during his studies abroad,” he recalled.

Dr Shahzad noted with pleasure that drama was still being taught at some public sector universities as a subject of literature or mass communication.

While suggesting to the FUUAST students to establish a drama club, he said every university of Pakistan should have at least one such club that could help create a healthy environment at campuses.

Professor Tauseef Ahmed Khan, chairman of the department, speaking at the workshop said the event was 11th in the series of such discussions organised by the department.

Source: DAWN: Need for student drama clubs stressed

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  1. ali hakeem!get life dude!stage performances are not bout meeting your guts! to jaker sirf videos bana ar khush hota rah:P….lol
    I being the former president of Dramatics, do hereby declare that, i shall stand by any student who takes initiative(of any order) to take the drama society of TIP a further step towards glory! if any buddy need any kinda help regarding organizing events,abt backstage managment,abt skits,abt concepts…or about acting skills…he or (preferably)she can contact me n my team any time.
    but please dont spoil your talent by assingning your skills to the filthy tasks of Mr Ali Hakeem!
    i repeat …please remain at a suffiecient distance from that freak:P:P:P
    Ali Kazmi
    former President TIP Dramatics
    Merchandiser yunus Textile Mills

  2. Ali I swear to you this year I will have nothing to do with Dramatics! Though I will work on some of my own stuff, among my close circle of friends. 😉

    Likan Ghatyay pan ki hadh hai! You didn’t complain about me when I made your Batch’s Tribute Video! 🙁

    Dost dost na raha….

  3. hahaha….i was expectin the same flattery from u!hehe…hey i was kiddin..if u first years would find any one frought up with chunks of talent!with some stupid self made stories which he attributes confidently to some famous novel! broath of guilt(of not publshing the magazine)spankin out!n the very helpfull indeed!u will only end up at his nose!
    doosst!doost hi hai!
    n can u please arrange to send the Tribute vdo at my mailing address!

  4. former dramatics president ALI KAZMI, kumuskum apni english mei tho likh…. copy/ paste marta hai DAWN ki site se…..

    btw, just for the info, u were juss the puppet behind the name….asal kaam tho NIZAM ka tha….

    waisey, u arent even a merchandiser….photocopy master, water boy at yunus….jao bhago, thand na lagao…ja ke status maloom kero….


  5. Ali Kazmi, Ab tou track par aya na!! BC 😛

    Are you saying that I copy ideas?!

    If so then tell me which one’s or I’ll kick your ass son!! 😡


  6. ali kazmi was the president lekin woh sirf naam ka tha….

    har cheez mei karti thi….i was the one who made all the scripts….all the plots…the make-up, backstage arrangements….

    kaam mei karu aur sara credit tum le jae…it was me behind the scenes, not ali, not even nizam…

  7. @maryam rana….”ZIP IT” or i’ll call some legal authoities to deal with my case:P
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