TIP Masala

TIP students are getting active with not one, but two new websites online this year. The first is Quack, the one you’re reading, and the second is TIP Masala. What Masala aims to be is best understood by the nature of its name. It’s content is limited, with only three items online, but it’s assumed they’re active, as the latest item refers to a recent article in Quack!

Follows is a sampling of their content. (We are yet to know who they are!)

Just think about the new TISF , which is going in the favour of those who voted for them. They say that all the socities will work under the GENERAL SECRETARY of TISF. Where as on the other hand, MR PRESIDENT of our TISF founded these new socities. As simple is that, low level politics are being played by TISF members.

While we may not understand the “low level politics” the website refers to, it is good to know that Saboor, President TISF, has taken the initiative to form independent societies. With more societies around to handle student activities, the TISF can concentrate their efforts on other pressing matters:

  • Reframing the constitution
  • Texperts link
  • Job placement office coordination

Do let the TISF know what you think, what you want them to do, and what you can do for them!