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The much-awaited issue of TIP�s annual magazine, Talking Textures, was at last launched on Friday, 5th September. It was good to see some of the Texperts present at the occasion. Mr.P got emotional when he remarked “It is like the home-coming of daughters.” The magazine is quite voluminous, and shortcomings aside, it is probably the best that has been put out. Bravo guys�keep up the good work!

Dear Reader,

It is a pleasure for me to present Talking Textures 2003, the Annual Publication of the TISF.

The TISF Publications team, which runs under the Publication Secretary, launches an annual magazine, “Talking Textures”, and a weekly newsletter, “Quack”. The Annual magazine is an exhibition of the talents of the students of TIP. The weekly newsletter prints all the news and gossip at TIP.

Publication comprises of two separate teams, one for the Talking Textures and the other for the Quack. Recruitment for the team members is already in progress. Students who are interested in becoming a part of these teams, should contact the Publications Secretary.

This year’s Talking Textures is a much improved effort as compared to its successors. We hope to see the continuous improvement in the coming years.

I look forward for your contribution in the areas of Visualizing, Writing (articles, poems etc.), Editing, Typing, Designing and collecting Sponsors. Through your contribution is our success; I whole-heartedly welcome you all to help in whatever areas you can be helpful to the publication team.

Saad Munir
Publication Secretary

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  1. hello
    i felt very good when i got the annual magazine TALKING TEXTURE in my hands after a long period of wating

    talking texture is a great achievement of TISF puplication team but the matter of issue on itme is of great importance

    i read a few articles in the magazine and found realy very good and informative, this time the thing which i will appriciate the most is the fact that as compare to the last years issues the magazine is much more FAT and full of articles

    againg i hope best for the next issue and hope it will be on time
    raghib ali khan

  2. as It wAs heRed k bhaii TalkinG texTureS HiT hai …per bEing a FreshMen i Got a pEnalty agaIn ….noT a sinGLe freshmen Got the PubliCation in his ar her hAnd…it was prOmissed k u will get it on mOnday …butmonday passed by n its neXt moNdaY saboor bhaii …do somethink…We too beLonG to TIp now ….freshmen hai to kiYa hua 😉

  3. Hy ! Saboor bhai . I haven’t see the talking textures mag . except once in lirary . so kindly arrange for some magzines for the remaining freshman.

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