TISF ya TIP President!!!

Today I saw this participation certificate given to the students who took part in Hamd & Naat Competition ’10. Don’t know what was he thinking at that time, he, and even the organizers from Islamic Society, didn’t even noticed what was actually written under that line.

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  1. you cannot say for TIP president that he is non deserving……but this mistake shouldnt be made in the first place. its ridiculous that nobody checked this!

  2. I think Mr.Ali Hafiz will answer this question..its good u guys noticed..
    As far as TIRS paperwork and management is concerned..I checked em..even had a fight over this..the student I had designated for the signatures said Mr.Ali Hafiz told him to get the certificates sighned by Your TISF president..
    The TIRS is not responsible for all this

  3. Btw I have fighted enough..for everything I have ever felt goin wrong here in TIP..dnt have the energy left or the guts to play with the future of the 2 newly born societies I run..the TIRS n TIES

    Its your game now..if u C.A.R.E

  4. yes its a mistake and it should had to be checked…..Adnan i would suggest you to issue revised certificates to all candidates;thanks

  5. Well i want to say…..Yes its a mistake,but i dont know why people critcize without even knowing the actual reason.i want to tell you guyz(affan and taha) that Ali Hafeez asked one of the organizer of “Naat and Hamd competition” k ” you just take the signatures of TISF president and if tipianz ask, tell them its misprinted.

  6. I want to clear to all of you that in this event there was no involment of TISF as it was organized by TIRS(Textile Institute Religious Society). The certificates were already printed with the TIP background logo along with the designations of both the signing authorities(i.e TIP president and TISF coordinator). The certificates were handed over to us(organizers) on the same day just twenty minutes before the competition. Ali Hafeez recommended us to get the certificates signed by TISF president. The TISF president also denied to sign the certificates but he signed because of recommendation of Ali Hafeez. Misunderstanding occured there and the signing designation could not be changed(by hand) because of shortage of time. What we can do now is to issue revised certificates to all the candidates but this can only be done by the permission of Ali Hafeez.


  7. @ taha…i dint mean that TIP president is deserving…i meant this person is equally non deserving for both the seats! =) hope u got me now brother!

  8. @Affan!Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh at you or pity you. I dunoe why ur balls always remain on fire.huh “Balls on fire” I think you should consult a psychiatrist, he will definitely help you in treating ur mental disorders. u noe what a dirty person like you dun even deserve to cum n study in this uni. hw cum u noe either sum1 is deserving or not. you just go and enjoy the sh*t collected whole day long in the uni.Why do you bother to seek attention from ppl? Theres no way you’ll ever get sh*t in life, leave it and stop embarrassing yourself. I dunoe why ur ignorance and stupidity always become ur point of view.Well stupidity is not a crime so you r free to do πŸ˜› ha ha ha… i put an kerosene oil on ur fired balls. now enjoy…. i must advise you that dun comment on sumeone by forgetting ur character n ugliness.

  9. And trust me it will be u and our stupid two faced class who would be begging us to vote for one of your useless candidate in this coming elections like the way u did with ANSAR…………………..

  10. you are rite shakaib…. i think all those, who are trying to prove themselves the OVER CLEVER….should get checked by some psychiatrist… ”’ OVER CLEVER BAALS ON FIRE””” haha…………. πŸ˜€

  11. Guys and gunners and taxi drivers…!! stop arguing and pooking ur mouths…
    the mistake ws committed or shall i say ignored by Kojak!!! πŸ˜€
    get him..why insulting eachother??? πŸ˜›
    get a life awl..

  12. @ Mohsin butt..
    man im really sorry..Kojak shuld hv picked u up to sign these certificates..afterawl..balls r balls..nd u do deserve some prestige of presidency πŸ˜›

  13. after reading above all comments i concluded that ” every one’s faimly background shows his attitude…”” no doubt, the persons who never missed a single chance to spread roumers without any confirmation, and to spoils out students events and try to degrade different TIPsocieties….. i dnt think it shows those people good faimly backgrounds….:(

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