V7!! Countdown begins…ok, it’s here, sort of!!

19022009001-largeThe countdown for the much awaited TISF’s annual student magazine’s version 7 is finally over!

Well, not really. You’ll still have to wait till the official launching in a couple of days, but the point is, I’m holding a copy right now, and it looks awesome, and different! So different you’ll be shocked (in a good way)!

Kudos to Ali Hakeem and the entire publications team. Special thanks to magazine designer, Sameer Hasan, and TISF coordinator, Ali Hafeez.


7 Replies to “V7!! Countdown begins…ok, it’s here, sort of!!”

  1. is it tat one which was yet to be publishd afta that erotic one?
    caz it was to refer our batch!!!
    any updates on that one?

  2. @furhan
    No it wasnt…
    the one Ali hakeem was workin was..referin our batch!!!
    guess u gotta chek it !!

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