What is TISF?

Looking at the response on my previous post of “Where is TISF?” i think its about time that the student body at TIP understand the real spirit of TISF and how it used to be from the very start till sometimes back. Don’t judge this post from the aspect of how bad or good my writing skills are, the point i wish to raise here is this body is only student representation which not only gives the students the chance to polish their leadership skills but at the same time provides them a platform to experiment of challenging themselves before they enter the professional workplace after graduation.

Structure of TISF:

President: Chairs the weekly meetings in which the upcoming events and activities are discussed and strategy is made on how and when to do what. Final decision authority on everything lies with him/her and he/she has to be a leader on the forefront on every issue. So be very selective this position as he/she needs to take the responsibility of whatever TISF does.

General Secretary: Events, Societies and anything related to campus life, he/she is the one you need to be friends with. He/She’ll decide on the calendar of events and the whole event management is his responsibility.

Sports Secretary: All sporting activities are to be coordinated from here. He has the key to sports’ equipment room and he leads the TIP’s representation both inside and outside campus.

Publication Secretary: Most of the time the editor of Quack online. He/She has to bring the life on paper for TIP be it on the campus or outside. He/She has a heavy responsibility to publish the annual “Talking Textures” magazine so he needs to build the advertising team, the editorial and everything.

Finance Secretary: He should have the finances in control from day 1. Every TISF cheque has two signatures, one is of Finance Secretary and other is the TISF coordinator. At no time the coordinator becomes the authority on release of funds as his role is to keep a track that finances are released for rightful reasons. If TISF members are in consensus on certain spending then it should be released without any delays and in case the coordinator deliberately tries to create hurdle, then TISF has the power to replace him/her.

Social Secretary: A female representation as most of the above positions are mostly held by guys so here she is to take care of the your problems. Be it points problem after an event at night or anything to do with girl’s hostel. She liaise with General Secretary for event management and takes care of the girls’ concern on campus.

TISF Coordinator: A member of faculty who works as a guardian to TISF on all the activities and the best of them becomes an active member of TISF itself and you can always see him/her on campus on each and every event of TISF. TISF members can select their coordinator themselves and can also request the president to change him/her if the elected body thinks appropriate for the betterment of TISF.

TISF FUNDS: For every contribution that you make towards TISF funds every semester, TIP contributes the same so if the students put together Rs. 100,000 then the total available funds for TISF becomes Rs. 200,000. This is how it has been and i tell you if managed properly you will have no complaints regarding funds as TISF also raises money through sponsorships be it for its publications or its events.

I am abruptly leaving this post here and the next post i’ll publish more about the constitution of TISF and what its founders thought it to become. Till then i would like you all to think about its revival so that you can enjoy the true campus life of TIP.

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  1. Nice article Saboor, it would really help future aspirants and voters in making the right choice. However I feel that the responsibilities of every TISF office holder are very narrow and are just limited to event organization. In my opinion what we lack are clubs or societies. Its in these clubs and societies where students get a chance to develop and polish their soft skills. Dramatics, Debate, Theatrics and Toastmasters are just to name a few. I am not saying that these activities do not take place in TIP, they do, and in fact we are quite good at them too but doing it in a more structured manner will help in transfer of learning from ones predecessor to ones successor and their will be more student interaction across different years and departments.

  2. I think the very few students who supported this concept at that time, would help me explain what we really need.

  3. Sarim, I agree with your concept and strongly believe that this way TISF can go forward from just being an event management committee to student representing body but the problem is this,
    My dear sir, TIP’s president is not GOD that ultimate authority lies with him and whatever is outlined by him should be followed.

    Would you like to review the page http://tisf.tip.edu.pk/ and update it and you can upload whatever u wish to upload here.

    Don’t waste the money on printing and don’t make it a personal issue.

    Let me know when this booklet becomes a reality.

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    On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 10:48 PM, Ali Hafeez wrote:
    With respect, that list was in accordance with the outline identified by the TIP president. And so is the concept of the booklet.

    Your suggestion is noted as response of a past officer of TISF towards assistance in grooming the current TISF. TIP CANNOT DISSOLVE TISF. It is the prerogative of the Current TISF to do as it wills within the decorum of the Institute. TISF is part of this communication.

    Best Regards,

    Ali Hafeez
    TTCC Chair / Faculty Textiles

    T E X T I L E I N S T I T U T E O F P A K I S T A N – http://www.tip.edu.pk

    From: Abdul Saboor [mailto:abdsaboor@gmail.com]
    Sent: Monday, December 27, 2010 10:32 PM
    To: Ali Hafeez
    Cc: tisf@tip.edu.pk; tipttc@tip.edu.pk; umair.saeed@tip.edu.pk; ahafeez.tip@gmail.com
    Subject: Re: [TIAF] TIP and TISF

    Dear Sir,

    With due respect, kindly have the following highlighted points omitted from this booklet that u plan to make and also it would be a much better idea if you make a website of TISF to have all this information online rather than printing booklets every year. Please care for trees. U can have all the records maintained online with fraction of the cost and easy access to everyone involved.

    Please don’t burden TISF with long procedures and bureaucracy. Why don’t TIP dissolves the TISF and keep the money in the bank and returns the money with profit to students once they graduate.

    I am sorry but everyone of us needs to be rationale while deciding expectations and goals for TISF.


    Abdul Saboor

    Ali Hafeez wrote,

    Nicely put .

    As per last meeting of TISF and TIP president and me, your JDs will be reviewed and placed in a handbook to be formed that includes:

    1. Vision & Mission of TIP

    2. Vision & Mission of TISF & its Societies

    3. Group Photo for TISF and Its societies

    4. Organogram of TIP with TISF’s location within it

    5. Organogram of Tisf & TIAF Coordination Committee (TTCC) (this is in place of A coordinator)

    6. Organogram of TISF

    7. Current TTCC members’ profile and contact information

    8. Current TISF Elected Body’s profile & Contact information

    9. TISF Societies Chair profile and contact information (Sports, Drama, Literary, Event Management, Religious, Entrepreneurship,

    10. Budget for the year

    11. Constitution / Rules & Regulations

    12. Job Descriptions

    13. Sample documents of Procedures, etc.

    14. Financial status of last year ???

    15. TISF Honor Roll – All past elected office bearers of TISF since its inception

    It shall be updated every year and given out to all the student body along with the necessary information material on their orientation day.
    TISF functioning year now will operate from Jan – Dec. With this planning – FS will be bound to close his/her accounts prior to close of TIP year in June. The Immediate Past TISF body will act as Trainers to the incoming / newly elected body till June, if that past officer is in their 4th year. TISF will not be a burden onto all officers belonging to the Final year henceforth.

    Please advise, TISF elected members and Society Chairs have been found as communicating negative influence on their colleagues, on the internet, and prospective student visitors to the campus. What action is to be applied?

    Please assist in the formation of this booklet.

    Best Regards,

    Ali Hafeez
    TTCC Chair / Faculty Textiles

  4. I totally disagree with you Saboor Bhai.. and I think that whatever you have written above is… well crap!! sorry but it is. I heard from someone that you were also a TISF president.. I think may be if you have tried to improve the constitution at your time, it would have been better, because TISF has been repeating the same old mistakes over and over again. May be you could have done something to help the system improve at the time you were a part of it, I don’t know why you didn’t and why you want that now.. But one way or another you and I (because I was also a part of TISF last year) are to be blamed for what has happened with TISF.

  5. Mohsin, who claimed to be a perfect one… i did and i do admit that we made mistakes and we should have done something better but my dear we can always learn from those mistakes and start making corrections… u being at TIP, why don’t u let a helping hand towards the present TISF and make an effort to make it work for them…

    regarding the crap i wrote, i am sorry i should have asked you first for your advice…

    Lets move on… Lets make a small contribution of our own…

  6. sure y not.. but how would you convince them “please for God sake listen to us” we have done mistakes at our time and now it would be a blunder seeing you to them again.

    I have been trying to convince and explain the existing TISF body, what mistakes we did and they are doing the same but they are not ready to listen to any of it.

    All we get is one simple sentence… Hum dekh lain ge.. Hum karlain ge..

  7. @mohsin butt: bro dont u get embarrased of urself?? you were a part of TISF and u did nothing, its been your second year as publication head and u have not launched a single poster and you ve been crying out loud abt the launch of a magazine!
    and you say that you are changing the system! DUDE you are the part of the system!!
    get a life, zip your mouth and stop pretending to be TISF saviour!!

  8. Mohsin! Can i have a copy of last year’s Talking Textures which you published… Trust me during the time i graduated i was asked to print one before i had been allowed to attend the convocation… i was the president and not the publication secretary and fortunately we did able to print one before convocation which let me had the chance to attend the convocation and receive my degree…

    We hope to see you as a regular contributor here at quackonline.net

    Why don’t you write your lessons that you learnt during last year in one piece of article for everyone to read and judge on this forum

  9. @ waqas
    i think i have my mouth zipped, because u haven’t experienced what i did.. anyways i don’t wanna debate with you.. all i have to say to you is have patience and wait for the rite time running away, is not an option.

    @ Saboor Bhai
    Sure u’ll as soon as it gets published :p as you know publications at TIP is a one man show these days and I’m getting tired of being that one man 🙁

  10. why do we always end up fighting? why the hell we dont understand how important it is to actually find the solution rather then playing the blame game.

  11. At least bureaucracy and red tape are not the solution… Why don’t the guys on top put their precious time in extending the helping hand towards TISF and make things easy for them by guiding the way… Its easy to sit and instruct rather making a small contribution of your own to make things better… So lets think about making this small contribution of our own…

    Mohsin, with all due respect and appreciation for you, i can’t stop laughing the way you make spelling mistakes… tell me where did u get the “blender” in your comment above and “dairy” in one of your emails referring to the diary…. don’t take it personal but dude u get to have the mag proof read before u print it…:)

  12. As I said, I’m tired of being that one man 🙁 and you are just looking at the spelling mistakes. I’ve made a lot more than that in past few months.

  13. Ah the annual student publications of the textile institute of Pakistan.

    I’m still wondering who what and where we went wrong with that one? When did it become a one man job instead of a student body effort.

    Don’t worry Mohsin, I feel yer pain, bruv.

    Don’t let the haters get to you.

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