Who wants my vote?

Anybody? no one? Makes sense. There’s no point – not this semester at least 😀


In a historic move today, Dr.ZB, president of TIP announced in front of a  jam packed lecture theatre the news of a fresh start for the TISF. A change we all had been asking, begging, fighting and working very hard for. And finally it’s happened, proving that having the will to do something holds prime importance. Change will make way itself.

Using his executive powers, the president announced that upcoming elections for the TISF would not take place this semester. Instead, they would be held early Fall semester. The reasons for doing so have been discussed previously, many a time. Here’s a summary:

  • Removal of votes from the final years who hold no stake in the TISF that will come in action long after their graduation.
  • Inculcating a sense of institutional ownership among freshmen by giving them a chance to select their forum representatives at the start of their academic journey.
  • Getting rid of the ‘votes for sale’ concept that has for ages been nurtured by the final year students.
  • From now on, every new candidate will have to justify as to why they deserve to be voted, with their justification NOT based on promises for the future, but their past contributions and credibility.

Among other matters discussed today, scarcity of jobs for graduating students, an issue for which Dr ZB instructed that the faculty should personally start taking interest by using personal contacts to help out as many of their students as they can.

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  1. Wowww!!! that sounds great and about time these changes were brought in, at least now politics of TIP wont be so similar to politics of Pakistan. lets see whos going to be the Barack Obama of TIP??or is it too early for that???

  2. congradulations! n i am really sorry for those who had invested thier money on the forth years..c…is terha toh hota hay..is terha key kammon meh!!!

  3. Zubair sahab You rocK@!!! I cannot forget my pizza hut treat from H…. N, PResident of TISF, FOurth year believe me you will miss thiss.

  4. the things are getting interestin at tip….i like and support the move made by zubair saheb…..

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