I am sorry but has anybody ever read the Constitution TISF?!

Recently, I got hold of The Constitution of TISF. Surprised?! I was too. However I was more surprised after I went through it and got to know that NOTHING IS GOING ON according to this esteemed Constitution! Want to check? Here it is.

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For all those who had Rs.1000 # LE NEON 2- *banjo banjo*

Neon 2 was something of which everybody was anxious about. Some said that it would be Baqwaas in reference to neon 1 in which biryani was served others said that it was going to be the most EPIC party TIP has ever seen. The exact words I heard cannot be posted due to containment of colourful words.

As the days came closer people were anxious to see the magic of neon 2. Even I went to people to ask whether they are coming or not. It was my first Dance party-in TIP- so of course I wanted to see what happens!

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Man, let’s cut the crap and get to the matter.

Dramatips won IBA THEATRON’14 BEST SCRIPT AWARD. Yesterday, Dramatips went on a National Level Acting Competition and floored all others!! Isn’t it Awesome?! Here at home I am shouting Halleluiah *Hum jeet gaye!! Hum jeet gaye!!* The joy pouring out of me cannot be encompassed in words. Let’s just say that Alla kaam kar diya apne logo ne.

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The only thing that I can say about this article is that the title is precise. Thar and misery goes hand in hand.  So read this article narrated by Adeel Aftab who went to Thar and regaled his story.

When I planned to go 450kms away from my home I didn’t know that after being back I’ll look at things in a different way. To know that I am not just blessed but living in such luxury which only few could afford; to know that I only have to raise my voice to get water and to know food in the evening is not an issue.

I, Adeel Aftab along with my friends; Mir Kalhoro, Umar Zaman, Zair Shafquat and Muqeet Amjad(texpert) and associates form Inspire school of Advanced studies; Taha Faheem Khan Lodhi and Usman Salahuddin Siddique; saw what cannot be unseen.

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Alas the much awaited event took place today on the 2nd of April, 2014. Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society under the leadership of their new president organized Coffee with Texperts and amongst a large cluster, called upon 3 well established Texperts in the industry today.

The three honourable guests who graced us with their presence were (senior pehlay) Syed Moosa Shahrukh from the batch of 1999, Hassan Ali Baig from the batch of 2002 and Sharjeel Zafar who graduated in 2010. 3 Texperts of different genres, with three different experience levels and three different ways to answer the questions put forward to them.

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Now a days TIP is “puking” Events. Why I say this is because there is no corner of TIP where an event isn’t being planned and executed. I mean, only yesterday a guest speaker session was held in which Mr. Asim Shehzad was presented to us.

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Alright! I have been reading Quack ever since a New Bee has been posting stuff here. This person has a very, what shall I say, quack-y style of writing that always leaves me chuckling away.

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