I would begin by giving a heartfelt, well deserved farewell to the gone 4th years. Now that you have left, we know the true value of what you were. To say you guys were AWESOME is an understatement. Has been 2 days but we miss. Continue reading

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What Happened to Us?


TIP offers the same thing 10 other blokes do in the city. We, even within our own skin are not inventive, we have same courses as AIFD or Indus, combined with the fact that we are 50 kilometers away from city doesn’t help at all.

Any student’s wet dream is Indus, at least in the market we are trying to capture. After that we are left with AIFD. Convenient, Affordable, Solid.

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The team of Quack would like to inform you that Mr.Mohammad Akram Butt, father of our Texpert, Mr.Mohsin Butt passed away today afternoon, June 6, 2014. (May Allah grant him peace and forgiveness)

His Namaz-e- Janaza will be offered tomorrow, June 7th 2014, at Zuhar prayers (1:15pm) at Masjid-e-Ayesha, Khayaban-e-Itehad.
Please remember him in your prayers.

For details contact:
Mr. Fahad Alam: 0333-3382373

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Have You Witnessed the 12th Degree Designers?!

Have you ever wondered that how can anyone represent Iqbal’s Shiqwa on fabric? Or use Rust to create Tea effect? Or use Recycle fabrics to create a display? But it was all done by the institute’s designers.

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New Editor on the Block!

Yes, it’s time to make it official peeps. With seriously no more than 3 days left for me to graduate, it’s time to pass on the baton. While it’s true that not many raise their hands when asked to contribute towards Quack!, this semester the Quack! Online team was fortunate enough to spot an ambitious writer who not only contributed when approached, but asked to be part of the troupe.

Former Editors, avid readers and our beloved followers, please join me in welcoming Meera Moiz Khan as the new Editor of Quack! Online.

Her professional style with a much needed desi touch adds interest and applause from the entire audience. I wish her the best of luck and have no doubts in her bright future as a popular writer. Have no fear in putting up what comes to mind. As long as you maintain that level of integrity in your writing, you have no one to be afraid of. And yes, I mean no one.


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Kya result hai?!! TISF gets Elected #ELECTIONS2014

May 16, 2014 embarks the election of TISF 2014 and the politics brewing since a week comes to an end. Bus bhai aur nai hota.

From 9:00am to noon the atmosphere of TIP was so tense that it seemed like 11 May 2013 is here all over again. Supporters of panels were on the brink of insanity as they appealed for votes till the last moment and then there were those who were undecided till the last moment. It was fun. Continue reading

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Idhar ao, tum vote kise de rahe ho?!! #humkheleingepolitics#Elections 2014

NOTE: This article is neutral. This doesn’t show that I support anyone or am against anyone.

Ajj kal TIP me garmi bohat hai and we all know the reason: ELECTION 2014. It is the reason why you find groups in every nook and corner of TIP bend over discussing it. Continue reading

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