Words of Wisdom Competition-Report

With the co-ordination of TISF and Syed Qamar Zaidi, the very first episode of “Words of Wisdom competition” was held on 20 February 2008 in the TISF slot. The happening featured eight participants where every participant came up with a quotation by any famous scholar followed by a short speech. We registered 15 participants out of which only 8 showed up at the time of event; however we managed to take the event up to 3:50 pm. Though some of the quotations quoted by participants were not up to the mark but overall the event turned to be an average one. The audience turn out was much better than expected which added to a lot of encouragement for participants. Our judges ( Sir Qamar Zaidi, Ms. Sehrish Fatima and Sir Yahya Ghazali) selected the best three quotations on the basis of authenticity, reference and style of presentation. Moreover prizes were given to first three best speakers. First, second and third prizes were given to Shoaib Ikram-TS4, Amna Khan-TDT1, Salman A Makhani-TS4 consecutively. Syed Qamar Zaidi and Sir.Yahya Ghazali declared the third position while Ms. Sehrish Fatima declared first and second positions followed by the distribution of prizes.

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Posted by Rameez A Khan on February 23rd, 2008 .
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People who C.A.R.E can finally prove it

The official meeting of the people who C.A.R.E was held on the 14th of February, a day where people care about themselves and sometimes that special someone, therefore it was a shock to see the turnover which proved that yes, people can come out of their self centered shells and actually C.A.R.E( no pun intended ☺) about people other then themselves. The main reason for the meeting was to actually discuss various ways to make the environment of TIP safer, while simultaneously fulfilling our quota of community service. It was to make people want to contribute and give something of themselves to the society.

The meeting started off with Asim or rather Sir Asim trying to prove certain allegations made against the people who C.A.R.E, wrong. It was said that their endeavors are usually a rush with complicated ‘angrezi‘ being the sole way to communicate. In defense Asim released strings of complicated Urdu words that left me confused, but made an impact that left no doubt that everyone would be ‘heard‘. C.A.R.E was providing a forum for everyone to give ideas and opinions irrespective of the language they wish to use.

In reference to the recent riots, as a result of the Bhutto death, and the 200 something people thrashing TIP, the people who C.A.R.E gathered to discuss ways that would prevent something like this happening at our institute again. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Rida Abdullah on February 19th, 2008 .
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Pakistan’s Universities – Problems and Solutions (Part 2)

Reprinted below in full, an interview with Dr Qasim Mehdi on research in Pakistan, from DAWN Sci-tech World January 26, 2008 . This is the second part of a series of reprints on research and education in Pakistan.

‘The problem with people here is that they neither work, nor let others work’ – Dr Qasim Mehdi

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Posted by Abid Omar on February 19th, 2008 .
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I Am Writing… Only To Be Misinterpreted Once Again!

Yet another time I find myself in the midst of a controversy after expressing my views in my manner. Nonetheless, it is still my responsibility to clarify all that which is being misinterpreted with much enthusiasm. So here it goes; a bold attempt… to explain another!

There goes an old saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. The same applies in the current situation. Just because a publication has the impression of a couple sharing intimacy on its title, it does not in any case imply that the publication is rated or as some insist on calling it – a porn magazine. The cover of a magazine or a book, or for that matter even a DVD or CD, is normally made to be its selling point. And in this case, it is still not as extreme as an actual rated magazine would be. So please… enough with the overdoing! The cover was merely designed to grab the viewers’ attention and to compliment the editorial to a lesser extent. How you perceive it determines how perverted you are!

Talking Textures 2006-07 was conceived with the idea of being wholly and solely a ‘students’ magazine. It is a blatant reflection of the taste of the average college goers’ sense of humor. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Arsalan Ahmed on February 18th, 2008 .
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Nanowires Allow For Electricity-Generating Clothing

“The latest development in the field of ‘energy harvesting’, which includes such opportunistic technology such as self-winding watches, generators implanted in soldier’s boots, and knee brace dynamos, is a cloth that generates electrical power. The cloth is newly developed by scientists in the US, and can produce up to 80 milliwatts per square metre. It is made from brush-like fibres composed of a Kevlar stalk surrounded by zinc oxide nanowire crystals that generate electricity through the piezoelectric effect. They can be grown on any substrate, including hair. The power harnessed from this effect could be used for anything from cosmetic components to the powering of medical devices.” Source: Slashdot

Quite a novel idea, utilizing a similar generation principle of that of a standard motor.

Posted by Abid Omar on February 15th, 2008 .
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Just a minute! – Talking Textures ‘06-’07
By Hassan Mehmood TS3-A

“Yaar mujhay be dena!”

This was the reaction that most of the students had when Talking Texture 06-07 were being distributed by the CR of the class. Every body was keen to have a look in the much awaited talking textures which was to be published way back, but due to the keen interest shown by the much responsible people who handled the publications, it was delayed a bit.

If you wouldn’t have been told before that it was the magazine being distributed and if the title would not have been there on the cover page, I would have thought of it as a magazine which can only be seen and read when the room is locked and the faith of an individual is at its lowest point. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Raghib Eli Khan on February 15th, 2008 .
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Love, Romance and Textiles

Stepping into the charming world of textiles was indeed a wonderful experience. Old but golden spinning processes, unlimited weave patterns, mind blowing colors, extensive dye combinations, breathtaking machineries, variety of knitted fabrics and last but not the least nostalgic fabric designs. I love textiles, not just because they are vibrant and attractive but also because these textiles have always remind me of my beloved.

Fabric formation or weaving process is known as the meeting of two yarns; warp and weft. Without warp, weft is nothing and without weft; warp can never imagine about any fabric pattern. Interestingly,nesting.jpg the very similar story is with two love birds; the two lovers are like warp and weft and like these two threads, they also cannot live each other. If they are left alone, they will probably not be successful in the creation of a fabric of true relationships. Or in a more simplistic way, I also sometimes refer this warp-weft combination towards the emotions of two lovers. The way two threads are interlaced is quite alike the way dreams of lover and beloved are interlaced. In short, both warp (lover) and weft (beloved) can only get their true achievement of love if they can weave a proper fabric. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Rameez A Khan on February 10th, 2008 .
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Words of Wisdom Competition

You all must have heard different quotations; you all have read them in newspapers, magazine, digests and novels. Here is a chance to show your ‘intelligence’ and to deliver your favorite ‘Words of Wisdom’ in front of the TIP audience. The rules of the event are:

  • Each student should quote his/her favorite words by any famous scholar followed by a two minute speech on the favor of that quotation.
  • Speech must not exceed than two and a half minutes.
  • Judges (probably from faculty) will declare first, second and third positions.
  • The quotation getting the first prize will be displayed on notice boards and other prominent places of campus.

Event is scheduled at the end of this month. All the students are welcome to participate in the event. To do so, you can contact:

Rameez Ahmed Khan, TS2B
Email: [email protected]
Sohaib Zulfiqaar, TS1A

Posted by Rameez A Khan on February 10th, 2008 .
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Talking Textures, 2006-07
By Amna Anum, TDT 06

Never, have I seen a foreword, which is more self-protective, especially that of a magazine. Talking Textures has been one of my favorite student magazines since a few years. Not because it’s all so colorful, but because it was open and just so true. Exactly what student life is all about. Untroubled, lovely, cheery and cheesy, just about everything. Never, would I have thought, that I would come across a student mag, where I would find myself being forced to accept the fact that something as unnecessary as sex is … what? A part of a student’s life? Where a few have stared, wolf-whistled, snorted and possibly haw–ed over it, my friends and myself raised our eyebrows over the attempt to make common, this tabooed topic. I fail to understand the possible need of asking us believe that swear words, as in, real swear words should be included in a students’ magazine, because that’s what we students do. Swear at each other, and ask each other to bed? Ha!

I must admit, this naïve shot has gone missed, and probably damaged the reputation TISF (or for that matter, the Publications committee) had.

Nice try dude, but, get a life!

Posted by Furhan Hussain on February 5th, 2008 .
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